ITIL management practices

ITIL management practices

The ITIL SVS includes 14 general management practices, 17 service management practices, and three technical management practices, all of which are subject to the four dimensions of service management.

In ITIL, a management practice is a set of organizational resources designed for performing work or accomplishing an objective. The origins of the practices are as follows:

  • General management practices have been adopted and adapted for service management from general business management domains.
  • Service management practices have been developed in service management and ITSM industries.
  • Technical management practices have been adapted from technology management domains for service management purposes by expanding or shifting their focus from technology solutions to IT services.

The 34 ITIL management practices are listed in Table:

General management practicesService management practicesTechnical management practices
Architecture managementAvailability managementDeployment management
Continual improvementBusiness analysisInfrastructure and platform management
Information security managementCapacity and performance managementSoftware development and management
Knowledge managementChange control 
Measurement and reportingIncident management 
Organizational change managementIT asset management 
Portfolio managementMonitoring and event management 
Project managementProblem management 
Relationship managementRelease management 
Risk managementService catalogue management 
Service financial managementService configuration management 
Strategy managementService continuity management 
Supplier managementService design 
Workforce and talent managementtService desk 
 Service level management 
 Service request management 
 Service validation and testing 
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