Cloud Computing vs Mobile Computing

Cloud Computing vs Mobile Computing

Both cloud computing and mobile computing have to do with using wireless systems to transmit data. Beyond this, these two terms are different.

Cloud computing relates to the specific design of new technologies and services that allow data to be sent over distributed networks, through wireless connections, to a remote secure location that is usually maintained by a vendor. Cloud service providers usually serve multiple clients. They arrange access between the client’s local or closed networks, and their own data storage and data backup systems. That means that the vendor can intake data that is sent to them and store it securely, while delivering services back to a client through these carefully maintained connections.Mobile computing relates to the emergence of new devices and interfaces. Smartphones and tablets are mobile devices that can do a lot of what traditional desktop and laptop computers do. Mobile computing functions include accessing the Internet through browsers, supporting multiple software applications with a core operating system, and sending and receiving different types of data. The mobile operating system, as an interface, supports users by providing intuitive icons, familiar search technologies and easy touch-screen commands.

While mobile computing is largely a consumer-facing service, cloud computing is something that is used by many businesses and companies. Individuals can also benefit from cloud computing, but some of the most sophisticated and advanced cloud computing services are aimed at enterprises. For example, big businesses and even smaller operations use specific cloud computing services to make different processes like supply-chain management, inventory handling, customer relationships and even production more efficient. An emerging picture of the difference between cloud computing and mobile computing involves the emergence of smart phone and tablet operating systems and, on the cloud end, new networking services that may serve these and other devices.

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