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Project : Cisco 3 Layer Hierarchial Model Download

This project is totally dedicated to the fresh Network Engineer for new and smart learning of the Network Design Requirements & how to create the Network Design. In this concept it is possible for the networker to check the incoming & the outgoing traffic and to understand the basic concept & fundamentals of the Network Structure & Design. Now it will show the proper movement of the packet from one part of the Network to the other part of the Network. The Network Structure has different parts in which the design has been implemented. The Cisco has defined the 3 Layer Hierarchical model structures which contains Access Layer, Distribution Layer & Core Layer. The Project has been divided into the different Layers by showing that it’s the Network Structure. The Structure has Access Layer from where the Hosts can connect the computers and it has been shown in the different VLANs made in the Network through which the Hosts get the access of the Network. The Network is further extended into the Distribution Layer which has been defined by the Flat Network Topology and through which the Access Layer can get the communication possible with Core Layer. The Upper Network has been defined or explained as the Core Layer which can be called as an ISP end through which it is getting the Internet Access. The multiple Routing Protocols have been used & implemented along with the different Network Topology. The Routing Protocols which have been implemented are Default Routing and RIP as well. The IP Parameters have been provided to the Access Layer devices through the DHCP servers enabled for Multiple VLANs. Each VLAN has been further configured through Frame Tagging which makes the Inter VLAN Routing Possible. The Frame Relay Switching Technology has also been used so that the ISP connection can easily be established & maintained.

Project : Cisco 3 Layer Hierarchial Model Project Report Download

Project : Cisco 3 Layer Hierarchial Model Topology Download