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These projects are based on the objectives learned in CCNA. The CCNA projects are ideal for audience who are pursuing or completed the courses and would like to gain practical experience. The projects are designed to simulate real world scenarios based on CCNA concepts. The projects uses the concepts like VLAN, VPN, static and dynamic routes etc. The following are the list of projects in the section.

Project : Cisco 3 Layer Hierarchial Model

The Cisco has defined the 3 Layer Hierarchical model structures which contains Access Layer, Distribution Layer & Core Layer. The Project has been divided into the different Layers by showing that it’s the Network Structure. The Structure has Access Layer from where the Hosts can connect the computers and it has been shown in the different VLANs made in the Network through which the Hosts get the access of the Network. The Network is further extended into the Distribution Layer which has been defined by the Flat Network Topology and through which the Access Layer can get the communication possible with Core Layer. The Upper Network has been defined or explained as the Core Layer which can be called as an ISP end through which it is getting the Internet Access. The multiple Routing Protocols have been used & implemented along with the different Network Topology. The Routing Protocols which have been implemented are Default Routing and RIP as well. The IP Parameters have been provided to the Access Layer devices through the DHCP servers enabled for Multiple VLANs. Each VLAN has been further configured through Frame Tagging which makes the Inter VLAN Routing Possible. The Frame Relay Switching Technology has also been used so that the ISP connection can easily be established & maintained.

Project : Campus Area Network

The project comprises of the different Departments spread in different buildings of the company. Multiple Routing protocols have been used in different branches and all the departments can communicate with other different departments through the Redistribution among different Routing Protocols. The East Building has a DHCP server for assigning the IP Addresses to the Hosts in the building as well as a DHCP server has been used in the West Building as well. The Internet Service Provider has been used for Communication of the East & West Building with the Data Centre & Internet through ISP, using the Frame Relay Switching Technology available for Wide Area Network. Routing Protocols EIGRP along with the Synchronous Number, Static Routing & its concepts including the Default Routing as well has been applied. The different Routing Protocols are running and which has been synchronized to work with Frame Relay Switching Technology.