Top IoT Security Tools

Internet of Things Security (IoT Security) comprises protecting the internet-enabled devices that connect on wireless networks. IoT security is the safety component tied to the Internet of Things, and it strives to protect IoT devices and networks against cybercrime.

The data collected from IoT sensors contain a large amount of private information and needs to be preserved. There are two key issues privacy and security that need attention when it comes to IoT security. Let's know about few top IoT Security tools to protect data:

1. M2MLabs Mainspring


M2MLabs Mainspring is an open-source application framework for building M2M (machine to machine) applications such as fleet management, remote monitoring, or smart grid. Its capabilities include device configuration, flexible modeling of devices, communication between application and devices, normalization and validation of data, data retrieval functions, long-term data storage, and. It's based on the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database and Java. Applications in M2M can be prototyped in hours rather than weeks and finally transferred to a high-performance execution environment built on top of a standard J2EE server and the highly-scalable Apache Cassandra database..

2. Node-RED


Node-RED is a visual tool that wires together APIs, IoT hardware devices, and online services in exciting ways. Node-RED is built on Node.js, describes itself as "a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things." It allows developers to connect devices, services, and APIs using a browser-based flow editor. It can run on Raspberry Pi, and more than 60,000 modules are available to extend its capabilities.

3. Flutter


Flutter claim to fame is it's long-range, is a programmable processor core for electronics projects, designed for engineers, students, and hobbyists. Its is Arduino-based board has a wireless transmitter that reaches more than a half-mile. Plus, you don't need a router; flutter boards can communicate with each other directly. It includes 256-bit AES encryption, and it's easy to use.

4. Eclipse IoT Project


Eclipse sponsors several different projects surrounding IoT. They include application frameworks and services, open-source implementations of IoT protocols, and tools for working with Lua, which is an ideal IoT programming language promoted by Eclipse. Eclipse-related projects include Mihini, Koneki, and Paho

5. Kinoma


Kinoma is a Marvell Semiconductor hardware prototyping platform consisting of three different projects:
- Kimona Create is an open-source DIY construction kit to prototype electronic devices.
- Kimona Studio is open-source and provides a development environment that works with Create and the Kinoma Platform Runtime.
- Kimona Connect is a free iOS and Android app that links smartphones and tables with IoT devices.