X Passive Optical Network - XPON

X Version of Passive Optical Network can be abbreviated as Xpon.

The following illustration depicts XPON Evaluation.


After GPON development, FSAAN and ITU-T started working on NG-PON with the following features −

- Low cost product
- Large Capacity
- Wide Coverage
- Backward compatibility

NG-PONs are divided into two phases by FSAN based on the current application demand and technology −

NG PON1 − NGPON1 is backward compatible with legacy GPON ODNs. NG-PON1 has an asymmetric 10G system with 10G downstream/download and 2.5G upstream/upload speed. This NG-PON1 is enhanced TDM PON system from GPON.
NG PON2 − NGPON2 is long-term PON evaluation, which can support as well as can be deployed over the new ODNs.

There are many ways to develop NG-PON2 unlike NG-PON1 to improve the bandwidth rate from 10G to 40G −
- Using TDM technology same as being used for NG-PON1.
- WDM PON (Using coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) or dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM).
- OCDMA PON (Using CDMA technology).
- O-OFDMA PON (Using FDMA technology).