What is OLT? OLT Functions

OLT a equipment integrating L2/L3 switch function in GEPON system. In general, OLT equipment contains rack, CSM (Control and Switch Module), ELM (EPON Link Module, PON card), redundancy protection -48V DC power supply modules or one 110/220V AC power supply module, and fans. In these parts, PON card and power supply support hot swap while other module is built inside. The main function of OLT is to control the information float across the ODN, going both directions, while being located in a central office. Maximum distance supported for transmitting across the ODN is 20 km. OLT has two float directions: upstream (getting an distributing different type of data and voice traffic from users) and downstream (getting data, voice and video traffic from metro network or from a long-haul network and send it to all ONT modules on the ODN.

OLT stands for Optical Line Terminal and sometime also called Optical Line Termination. It is one rack unit device, used in GPON. It is installed at Central Office or Head office of the service provider.

Multiple PONs are connected with OLT device and each PON is connected with multiple ONUs. Where ONU stands for Optical Network Unit and is also called ONT (Optical Network Terminal). There are many types of OLT available in market based on flexibility and realibility.

Working of OLT

Working of Optical Line Terrminal is to convert the standard signal into frequency and frames. It also Perform the function of multiplexing between ONT and conversion devices.

OLT device is used to control the float informnation in ODN (Optical Distribution Network). This information is controlled in both the direction of PON network. So, there are two float direction Upstream and Downstream. Where in Upstrteam direction voice and data are received by OLT from users. On the other hand in Downstream direction Voice, Data and Video are sent to the user or ONT or ONU.

Data and Voice are used for Upstream and Downstream whilevIdeo is only used for Downstream only. Where Data and Voice both are downstream on 1490 nm while upstream on 1310 nm. While Video Upstrean on 1550 nm.

Addition and Deletion of ONT in OLT

If you have connected new ONT device on your network. NOw you want to add this ONT in OLT device then you need to run as a command on OLT side like ONT ADD command. In this case you should have password of new ONT device already to add it in network.

On other hand if you do not know password of the newly connected ONT device, then you need to run auto fint command as port portid ont-auto-find. After finding you need to confirm your ONT by applying ONT confirm Command. Now you can see n formation of newly connected ONT by running display on info command.

IN case of deletion of ONT first you need top confirm other services connected to the ONT. So, First you need to unbiond services from ONT then go for delete command to delete ONT.